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Assurance Creative Ltd. is a multinational corporate firm, focusing mainly on image editing. We provide service mainly to business firms, who usually outsource image editing tasks to us, since we are very competitive in our pricing. We are well known for our editing works on eCommerce Product Photo Editing, Car Photo Editing, Clipping Path, Shadow Creating, Background Removal, Backdrop Service and ghost mannequin. Apart from complex image editing like Raster to Vector image conversion and Correcting the image colors that are off in pictures, our highly qualified editing team is easily capable of doing even the basic tasks. Please Check out our works !






Product – eCommerce Photo Editing

“Make your product look smarter in your clicked image with AC Ltd’s eCommerce Photo Editing through clipping or masking, shadow dropping and much more.”

Your Online Customer would definitely consider the product image more than the product itself since that is what the customer refers to before purchasing. An image of the product is something that catches the first attention of your customer. Therefore, it’s crucial to the success of your eCommerce business.

It’s really difficult to set up a studio for capturing the true image of your products. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and no one wants such an extra burden while already looking after a business himself or herself.

So Leave the time consuming tasks to our experienced and skilled team here at Assurance Creative Limited. We do the same hefty task at an easy price that’s affordable even by an eCommerce start up site.

Car Photo Editing

“Show the customers: the car that’s meant for them, with our Car Photo Editing. Highlight your car, unlike any other, with our clipping, shadowing and much more editing services to truly hold the looks of the car.”

Assurance Creative Limited created an exclusive Photo Editing team, just for Cars. The Car dealer that sends us their works are world renowned brands that are fighting to make a place in the World market for Cars. And they ask for nothing but quality and a neat piece of work.

The task of car photo editing might seem simple but has its different forms. There are simple works from clipping or masking off the car from the background to a mediocre work of putting shadows underneath or mending it to a different environment: a different background. And then there are colour correction and colour identification in an image of a car, possibly for automated painting purpose.

Jewelry& Watches Photo Editing

“Proper clipping of the Jewels and Watches throughout the edges along with proper Shine and Shadow adjustments, upon your preference.”

Jewelry is a symbol of passion, a symbol of love and a symbol of pride. If it loses its shine, it’s definitely not worth the price. In reality, your Jewels didn’t actually lose its shine, the camera couldn’t simply capture the beauty of these little masterpiece.

Therefore, leave all your images to Assurance Creative Limited and stay assured for these images to look exactly how you want it to, free of any unwanted backgrounds, with a touch of realistic shadows, and a pinch of shine to present your customers the real feeling of a Jewel right in front of their eyes, when they take a look at your Jewel’s image.

Watches are same as Jewels with a bit different value and perspective: it shows us the time and the stature of one’s prestige. Who wouldn’t want the image of these watches to look exactly like how its value is.

Just leave the hefty work to Assurance Creative Limited, for we care. Our highly Qualified and Long Experienced team knows exactly how to make look your watches look Bolder and Attractive in the images, exactly how your customers crave it to be. And you’ll be filled with crowds in your store, in no time.

Portrait Photo Editing

“Make the looks of a person, more mesmerizing and attractive with our Exclusive Portrait Photo Editing through various image retouches.”

The beauty in one self is now easily captured through a mini camera that everyone has on a phone, or a few times with a professional DSLR camera. Nonetheless, the looks are not always how you expect it to be, and in times of being in an important event a perfect image is very crucial.

Luck might not be at your side. The exposure might not be right, the place might be weird with unwanted elements highlighting in the Background, or the pose might just not be right. Although we can not help you with poses, we at Assurance Creative Limited can definitely help you with your image after works. Adjusting exposures and clipping out unwanted elements from the image is just the tip of the ice berg of what and how we convert a simple click into a masterpiece.

Wedding Photo Editing

“Enlighten the wedding moments in the wedding images with our Wedding Photo Editing Service where we retouch the images in fashionable way.”

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. So there’s no way the image can afford to show a shallow impression, or else somebody might be murdered. No worries photographers, we’re here for you!

Why take these hard work and risks on your shoulders, just go on with your passion of clicking the amazing moments that you are meant to do. Leave the photo adjusting, exposure mending, colour correcting and all the clipping and masking to us: The Assurance Creative Limited. Just instruct us away. Our service is made up of a promise to keep your customer happy with a memorable album and it also comes at the cheapest price.

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